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My life has been spinning in circles--Sometimes I stare out at the world and I feel humbled...other times I'm just pissed off.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Perfect Storn

Ours was a love affair, stemming from incoherent ramblings late at night. I was married, so was he. Unhappily married, yet still physically attached even though the emotions had been long gone. We kissed once and then twice. I pushed him away, telling him that now was not the time, nor the place. Yet, when the warm wind danced around our bodies and leaves swirled up from the ground I KNEW it was right.

It was SO right, and SO VERY WRONG!


Sometimes my life takes unexpected turns--sometimes I have to walk away from all that is my life and take a look back. My thoughts weave like a braided rug, jagged vicious thoughts mingle with the spineless ones, creating havoc in my brain.

Sometimes I find it hard to decipher the soft warm thoughts from the piercing harsh ones and I get confused.

That's when I hide.

I may have spoken too much on my previous blogs, I may have hurt the people that I love, leaving a wake of emotional bruises in my tracks.

I didn't want to.

I didn't mean to.

But I did.

So, here is my anonymous blog, where I can freely bitch once again...

If you come across this and recognize me or my children-play dumb-and use the fake names that I will assign to my kids. Okay??